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X-LINE control modules.

X-LINE controller modules

Intelligent input/output modules for integration of:

  • Special-purpose detectors
  • Hazardous areas
  • Fire dampers
  • Sprinklers
  • Alarm devices, etc.

You can choose between control modules for all types ofinputs and outputs (e.g. fire control devices or controls for extinguishing systems), special fire detection systems or stub lines for monitoring hazardous areas. The short circuit isolators integrated into every X-LINE device as standard afford planning security as well as the devices remaining fully functional in the event of a short circuit, wire break or sabotage.


Easy programming and planning.

The logical connection of all possible input criteria with control outputs can be carried out both across various loops or across several control panels. With this grouping buildings and rooms that logically belong together, such as stairwells, can be grouped into detector zones without any problems, independent of the physical wiring, even if they physically belong to different loop circuits or are split between different control units. The logical addresses of the devices can be freely selected, which also provides a considerable reduction in terms of costs and time for installation.

BX-MDH Magnetic Door Holder

The BX-MDH magnetic door holder is used forautomatic closing of fire doors in the event of an alarm and as a permanent magnet is connected directly to the Integral X-LINE. Unlike conventional magnets it is not live around the clock – no energy is needed for keeping the door open.