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Preventive Maintenance

Chamber Preventative MaintenancePreventative Maintenance for Environmental Chambers

The true cost of capital equipment cannot be measured only by its purchase price. You must also consider the expenses involved in maintenance and repair, parts labor, and the costs associated with downtime of your test chamber.

BIOLINKS’s service department provides comprehensive chamber maintenance programs to help ensure the performance and longevity of your testing chamber. Maintenance programs are offered on all manufacturers’ test chambers and are tailored to meet your needs. Included in your test chamber maintenance program:

  • Verification of operation
  • Complete check of refrigeration system
  • Check of humidity system (if equipped)
  • Complete check of electrical systems
  • Check for leaks
  • Check of all gaskets and seals
  • Complete check of cosmetics
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Repair of units needing repair
  • Final systems test

All test chamber maintenance is completed by a BIOLINKS certified technician.