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Communications systems and multimedia solutions.

Save lives - safeguard assets.

Security with the utmost convenience for your patients.

Simply due to the growth in population, it is necessary to presume that the demands on the scope and quality of medical services, facilities and care institutions will increase dramatically in the coming decades. Anyone being admitted to hospital or to a care home not only wants to be well looked after, but also wants to continue to enjoy full contact with the outside world. Hospital communications nowadays encompasses, in addition to nursecall, access to all modern media such as television, radio, telephone and Internet.

Health Care Networking

In order to make the range of services to patients and staff members more attractive, to improve speed and efficiency and to keep costs under control, an ever increasing number of decision-makers used the possibilities of networked Information Communication Technology.

Technology for the future.

Healthcare is of great importance. The many different requirements for patient care, medical organisation, management, security and also facilities management need to be covered.

The world of healthcare therefore requires innovative communications solutions, in order to satisfy relevant requirements for information, to optimise existing processes and to realise considerable cost savings.
Intelligent networks of the future offer solutions for all areas through a single common interface. Services for patients, information for doctors and nursing staff and administrative tasks can be shown simply and clearly.

Our systems are able to cope with the many requirements placed upon them in daily operation, as well as the wish of patients for greater levels of communication. We have been working with operators of hospitals and care homes, planners, developers and contractors for many years. Nationally and Internationally. With our range of products we are able to cover the requirements of today as well as those of the future in the best possible way.

Security in accordance with VDE 0834

Our nursecall systems are certified in accordance with the VDE 0834 standard. Consequently the responsible operate can be sure that the highest level of security and quality are being received in line with the latest directives and standards, and that all requirements for the safe and advanced operation in clinics and hospitals, as well as in homes for the elderly and care homes are fulfilled.