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Maximum security to protect patients

Maximum security to protect patients

VISOCALL IP is made up of decentralised modules that communicate independently with each other. There is no centralised control unit, which eliminates the possibility of a total system failure.

VISOCALL IP is VDE 0834-certified – proof of its high level of reliability and permanent system availability.

The most important thing: the safety of patients

The primary target of nurse call systems in hospitals is to support people in emergency situations, offering quick assistance. Reliability and fault-free functioning therefore have the highest priority.

A fail-safe system

VISOCALL IP is not dependent on the system’s backbone: The intelligent system elements perform their task even without a network or a server.

Automatic fault detection

VISOCALL IP monitors itself: System faults are automatically detected and are forwarded immediately to the responsible member of the technical staff. Detailed fault descriptions are made available immediately to mobile devices via pagers, DECT, smartphones or tablets.

Without interference in its own communications network

VISOCALL IP uses its own network within wards. Faults in external devices (e.g. diagnostic devices or EDP systems) do not cause the system to be compromised.

Anti-microbial coated surfaces

Anti-microbial coated surfaces

The anti-microbial surface of the operating devices reduces the risk of pathogens spreading.

Conforming with the VDE 0834 standard
Certificate VDE 0834

VISOCALL IP is VDE 0834-certified and therefore fulfils the highest requirements for security and reliability.