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TV & Multimedia Terminals

TV & Multimedia Terminals

Top class patient entertainment

Changes in the healthcare system cannot be overlooked: Hospitals are becoming centres for healthcare and are in direct competition with one another. Top class patient entertainment can prove to be a decisive advantage: It increases patients state of well-being, takes their mind off things and informs them – while on the other hand also giving care staff time that can be used for efficient patient care.

Comprehensive use of modern media

Our terminals are oriented in their ability to perform towards the developments in home entertainment and therefore use all the options available from modern communication technology. analogue and digital television and radio reception, AV and USB interfaces, an RJ45 telephone connection, integrate stereo low speakers and a headphone socket are all part of even the smallest model; external devices, such as DVD players, iPods and games consoles can be connected simply. Furthermore additional models are available for IP-TV, Internet access, games and Video on demand (VoD). A hybrid terminal for analogue and digital reception as well as IP-TV completes the range.

Ideal screen sizes

The various models have been optimised for the most frequent viewing distances. In order to give patients a relaxing experience when watching television, the terminals can be installed on flexible wall-mounted arms or on bedside cabinets.

The latest technology and simplest operation

Patient bed technology must also be simple and intuitive to operate even in extreme situations, must function flawlessly and also be easy to look after. Schrack Seconet’s new multimedia terminals are designed to withstand wear and tear in hospital for a long time. There are a wide range of options, they are simple to operate and their design is impressive.

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TV & Multimedia Terminals

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