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IAC mobile


Integral software for programming and supplying service tools on mobile devices including push notifications.


Integral VirtualMAP


For remote access to the Integral IP fire alarm system over TCP/IP from a PC with Windows operating system. The control panel’s operating panel is displayed on screen, with message and command mode operation possible. A multi-layer security concept ensures that non-authorised system access is blocked.



Software for transmission and indication of events (e.g. alarms, faults, etc.) from one or several fire alarm control panels to a central location on a PC or laptop including pop-up notification and Integral VirtualMAP.

E-Mails, Text Messages and Push-Notification

Integral MAIL

The fire alarm control panel automatically sends e-mails, text messages or push notifications to one or several predefined recipients if an incident, such as alarms or faults occurs.

Web Service Platform S2Service

The web-based platform S2Service ensures that all important components are able to establish a connection to any Integral IP fire alarm control panel around the world via a PC or mobile terminals. Encrypted connections conforming to the latest and most secure security standards are used.


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  • E-Mails, Text Messages and Push-Notification
  • IACmobile
  • Integral VirtualMAP
  • Integral RemoteMESSAGE